Mr. Sigitas Dzekunskas




  University Education and Courses

                     Sigitas Dzekunskas graduated Vilnius University in 1998. He studied in the Faculty of Economics. The specialties – finances (bachelor degree) and international trade (master degree).

                      He attended different international courses on defence procurement and resources management, including courses of “International Defence Acquisition Resource Management Program”, organized by the US Naval Postgraduate School (1998, 2004), SERA (Session Européene des Responsables d’Armement) conference – training sessions for senior governmental and defence industry’s representatives, organized by French MOD (2005), etc.

                      Professional experience

                      In the beginning of his carrier in the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania Sigitas Dzekunskas served as a senior financier in the General Staff and deputy chief of Economic Coordination Division in the MoND.

                      In 1998 he started his work at the newly established Procurement Department at the MoND. In 2003 Sigitas Dzekunskas was appointed as director of this Department. He became responsible for defence procurement policy issues, national system’s harmonization with NATO and EU requirements, Lithuanian defence procurement organization and management. On several occasions he took the responsibilities as an acting undersecretary to the Ministry for procurement and infrastructure.

                      In 2006 MoND appointed him as resource adviser and deputy defence adviser in the Permanent delegation of the Republic of Lithuania to NATO. Sigitas Dzekunskas was a national representative in NATO Senior Resource Board (now Resource Policy and Planning Board, RPPB), also in charge of implementing resources committees and Executive Working Group (Agency Reform).   

                      In 2010 Sigitas Dzekunskas was appointed as director of Resource planning department in the MoND. He became in charge of implementation of resource and strategic planning in the national defence system, coordination of development of national defence investment programme, coordination of implementation of NATO Security Investment Programme’s projects, implementation of PRINCE2 project management in the MoND, national representation in NATO RPPB, etc. He also led a reform of strategic planning in the MoND.

                      At the end of 2009 he was elected as a Chairman of NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO) Board of Directors (BOD). His tenure lasted 2,5 years. At the same time Sigitas Dzekunskas chaired NAMSO Logistics, Finance and Administration Committees. As a Chairperson he was in charge of supervising Agency’s activities, organizing and preparing the work for BOD and the Subordinate Committees, moderating the meetings, recording their decisions, keeping them informed of subsequent Agency’s actions, etc.

                      In 2013 Sigitas Dzekunskas once again was appointed as deputy defence adviser in the Permanent delegation of the Republic of Lithuania to NATO. He became a national representative in NATO Conference of National Armament Directors, Defence Policy and Planning Committee (Missile Defence), Cyber Defence Committee and Defence Policy and Planning Committee (Agency Reform). 

                      From August 2016 he took the post of Deputy Director of Defence Policy and Planning Department in the MoND. Among his responsibilities is coordination of national defence planning process and correlation with NDPP.

                      In October 2016 Sigitas Dzekunskas was appointed by NATO Secretary General to the Group of Senior Experts tasked to provide recommendations to improve the governance aspects of the NATO common funded capability delivery process.

In March 2018 he was appointed as Director of Defence Materiel Agency of the Ministry of National Defence. Sigitas Dzekunskas became responsible for Lithuanian defence procurement. He also executes the functions of National Armaments Director.    

Other remarks

Sigitas Dzekunskas is married with Mrs Rūta. He fluently speaks English and Russian, also knows basic French and German. He is interested in European modern age’s history. He plays basketball and tennis.                       

Last updated: 30-05-2023